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Affordable ($30.00) ~ No Hidden Fees


If you're looking for quality defensive driving courses online that are easy and affordable, then we're your solution.

You'll be able to complete our course when and where it's best for you; it doesn't get any more convenient than that. Presentation material is FUN and engaging, taught by one of Total Training's real instructors, not an actor. Take our defensive driving course online at your own pace, logoff and return again as you're can complete it in one setting or log back in later when it's more'll pick up where you left off. All costs are upfront, NO HIDDEN FEES, no gimmicks, nothing to download and no small print criteria to meet! Best of all, you can print/save/e-mail your Completion Certificate as soon as you complete the course!


Other providers of defensive driving courses online advertise the cost of their course is between $5.95 and $11.95. What they don't tell you upfront is that's the cost PER CHAPTER! You can end up spending over $50.00 before you can get your Completion Certificate (which they have to snail mail to you) and if you want your Certificate within a few days, you are charged even more $$$! Total Training lets you know upfront exactly what the cost is ($30.00). All the way around, you save money by selecting Total Training as your online driving class provider.

Although this course is designed to be viewed by most computers with Internet access, be sure and check out the MINIMUM COMPUTER SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS before registering for the online driving class to make sure your computer can run the course properly. Also note that your registration is active for 30 days, starting on the first day you register for the course.




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